King-Size Data - Deal with it!


As your business has grown while running SAP on IBM i for a significant number of years, so have your database tables. If you haven’t paid attention to this and simply let your tables grow, there could be a negative impact to the performance of your database operations. If you reach a system limit, it could even cause more serious troubles for your applications. In this webcast, we will show you how you can identify large tables with a high growth rate before you reach a limit, what warnings to look for, and what you can do with those tables so that your system keeps running without interruption. We will have a look at archiving, table reorganization and table partitioning as possible actions to take.

Questions are welcome during the session. Some general Q&A time is also reserved at the end of the webcast for whatever else you may have in mind, and for your suggestions about possible topics for future webcasts.



  • Christian Bartels, IBM - Software Architect, SAP on IBM i, ww SAP Technical Enablement Team, Development
    Christian Bartels is the team lead of the joint IBM and SAP development team for SAP on IBM i. He joined IBM in 1990 and has been working with SAP on AS/400 and IBM i since 1997. Christian has been working in various positions within the SAP on IBM i team, among them responsibility for customer support, performance analysis, the database interface and SAP monitoring tools.


This virtual session will take place on December 01, 2022 at 4 pm CET, 10 am EST, 8:30 pm IST. After registration you will receive a confirmation email. A calendar blocker with the details on how to access the meeting will be sent within 2-3 working days. In case you have any questions, please contact


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