WUG Roadshow Lab: Proactive CVE Protection for WebSphere and Liberty with IBM WebSphere Automation


Join us for a hands-on lab where you will learn how to use a single dashboard in WebSphere Automation to discover, analyse and remediate common vulnerabilities and exposures across your WebSphere and Liberty estate. We will look at proactive CVE protection and automated inventory tracking including automation of common operational activities like CVE detection, patch history and patch deployment to improve your security posture.


Date: November 9, 2022

Time & Duration: 2:00 pm EDT  / 7:00 pm GMT / 12:30 am (Nov 10) IST | 2 hours


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  • WebSphere Automation presentation
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  • Hands-on WebSphere Automation lab

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Brian Hanczaryk
Brian Hanczaryk
Advisory Software Engineer - WebSphere SVT